Blaine County Roleplay Server Rules

TeamSpeak 3 Rules

  • Respect the admins and members!
  • Do not copy names. For example: Black Wolf 1, Blackwolf 2, etc.
  • Do not spam. (Channelhopping is also spam!)
  • Voice convertors are not allowed.
  • Only filetransfer allowed in the [Filetransfer] Channel!
  • The channel admin has the responsibility for the channel/server.
  • If an admin finds an unfitting behavior he/she will moderate it accordingly.
  • No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.
  • No verbal abuse.

Roleplay Server Rules (FiveM)


  • You are not allowed to use any scripts, hacks or use any kind of advantage mods, this will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  • You are not allowed to use any exploit in order to get an advantage, breaching this rule will also result in an immediate permanent ban.
  • Listed below are some example of what exploiting can be:
  • Duplicating items;
  • Duplicating money;
  • Disconnecting during an on-going RP scenario;
  • Abusing any bug that might be present in-game in order to obtain an advantage;
  • Going AFK while clocked-in as EMS/SO/SP in order to 'farm' paychecks;

  • You are not allowed to break roleplay under any circumstances.
  • Your roleplay name must be realistic (using the English alphabet), American, first and last Name. (exception on case by case approval).
  • You are not permitted to transfer money or metagame any information between characters (your characters are oblivious to each others existence).
  • You cannot use anything what your character would not know to your advantages, this includes but not limited to streams, text (chat).
  • No power-gaming. Do not use items that are not in-game that excessively alter a role-play scenario.
  • Stream sniping is strictly not allowed. You may not be in someone's live stream while in the server with them.
  • You are not allowed to mention other people's names if you have not acquired that information from someone, just because you see their name above their head it doesn't mean you can use that information.
  • Voice changers may be used as long as they are used in an advantageous way to improve the roleplay experience.

  • Do not RDM (aka Random Deathmatch). You cannot kill someone without first having role-play with them.
  • Do not VDM (aka Vehiclular Deathmatch). This is handled the same way as RDM, however, it's with vehicles though.
  • Roleplay names must be realistic and have a first and last name. You may not use any inappropriate names subject to admin discretion.
  • Do not revenge kill (seeking out someone to kill them because they have killed you, is considered Fail RP.).
  • Do not troll in any way.
  • Make sure you value your life at all times! This means that if you're greatly outnumbered or you cannot escape you shouldn't be trying to get away. This is FailRP!
  • Do not combat log, combat logging means to disconnect while there is an active RP scenario, some of the scenarios include but are not limited to:
  • Disconnecting while you're being followed;
  • Disconnecting while you're being processed by a LEO;
  • Disconnecting while you're being held hostage;
  • Disconnecting while you're being revived by EMS personnel.
  • Do not combat store, this means that you can not deposit/transfer money to someone while you're being robbed, etc.
  • Do not dump illegal items while being questioned or detained by LEOs. This is considered FailRP.
  • Excessive cop baiting can be punished at admin discretion.
  • Racism will NOT be tolerated on the server. You will be instantly permanently banned.
  • Terrorism and terrorism-like acts are allowed, however they must be thought out methodical and advise an Admin prior to doing so.
  • Do not sexually harass people. We Have a ZERO tolerance towards it. This includes, roleplaying rape, trolling with music (explicit music), failure to adhere to RP standards set by the community or being toxic in any shape or form to the community will result in a permanent ban.
  • If you witness someone breaking a rule, this does not give you the right to break rules too, stay calm and in-character, obtain video-evidence and then report said individual.
  • Please do not spawn a job's vehicle(s) and leave it/them in the spawning area.
  • OOC and /do as a whole may not be abused.
  • The players are expect to speak English in a 'fluent' way, this so that RP does not become impaired due to language barriers.
  • You must always have a working mic when playing on the server unless you have a prior agreement with staff.
  • Major crimes including; bank/store robberies/heists, may only be preformed by a maximum of 4 people. This includes anyone who trips the alarms. (subject to increase with server size).
  • If you start a robbery and leave the area you may not return to the area for 15 minutes after making your get away. This means you may not return to rob the same place within this time frame.
  • Civilians are not allowed to possess AR Rifles currently in game, if you happen to have one you need to turn it into PD for removal. No action will be taken against you unless you use the rifle to kill someone or do not hand it over when asked if you have one.
  • You may only take a hostage if they are 3 cops or more online. Any less than this and the RP is ruined before it starts. When asking for payments, keep it reasonable. Failure to do so may result in a kick/temp ban. Maximum $10,000 per hostage during negotiations for the time being.
  • Masks do NOT hide identity, if you previously met them, then you know who they are.
  • Any snipers/shooters who are out of ear shot for an RP scene must be initiated into the scene by a player before they can open fire.

  • Gangs are required a thorough backstory posted on the forums in the gang section and all their actions must be justifiable by that story.
  • Gang Stories need to be approved by a BOD member before becoming a whitelisted gang.
  • BOD members have the right and power to dissolve a gang at any time should they break gang rules or when the gang is no longer relevant (via story or activity).
  • When active as a gang all members must role together when committing crimes or conducting gang activities.
  • Each gang must establish a 3 to 4 figure tag (example: TLMC) which must be inserted following their RP name e.g "John Doe [TLMC]."
  • Conflicts between gangs are permitted, however they must be clearly defined in regards to both gangs RP stories and announced on the forums.
  • Gang conflicts should never directly impact normal civilian life.
  • Minimum of 3-4 gang members needed to follow through with a gang hostage taking.
  • Please Note: Groups of 4 or more are permitted as long as they are not committing crimes (if you are caught - that is).

  • After you have respawned (returned to hospital) you must stay away from your death location for 15 minutes, you must not use any information from your past life, such as who killed you. This rule applies NO MATTER how you died, unless an Admin tells you otherwise.
  • If you are revived, NLR does not exist. If you are taken to the hospital by EMS personnel, you cannot return to the area in which you were taken from for 15 minutes, you may not seek out ANY KIND of vengeance against your killer(s) because of your hospitalization. Going to the hospital with EMS personnel will result in you being knocked out and suffering from a mild case of memory loss.

Forum Rules

  • All affiliates and members are expected to treat others with respect and refrain from behavior deemed hurtful or damaging to others or the integrity of Blaine County Roleplay.
  • (a) Members should conduct themselves appropriately on all forums and in chats within and beyond that of Exiled Order.
  • (b) Exiled Order will not tolerate trolling, malicious comments, or posting of inappropriate content.
  • (c) There is to be no sexual advances, harassment, or pornographic material posted regardless of age.
  • (d) Racism is not allowed, failure to comply will result in a permanent ban, which will be considered as each member’s only warning.
  • (e) Swearing on the forums is allowed so long as it is not directed at another member or affiliate and it is not excessive.
  • (f) Swearing is not allowed in thread titles.
  • (g) Forum spam (A post/thread that contains irrelevant or useless information or is off-topic from the original post/forum) will not be tolerated.
This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. To see all of our Rules/Laws, see the Laws page.
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